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The wind and the surf together in the name of the most incredible of all sport.

Windsurfing is essentially a complex sport.

Pierre-Yves defines the sport to new comers in this way :

"The game is to maintain the sail in the right place relative to the wind, which is invisible and variable, while balancing on a floor that moves."

And to those who have tasted the joys of great speed on the water, he suggests:

"The magic of our sport maybe comes from playing with two of the four basic elements, water and air, and that the energy sometimes comes from the wind and sometimes from the water."

When in harmony with the wind and the water, a sense of freedom and happiness penetrates the windsurfer.

Unfortunately, there are many ways to never live these moments.....

Whether you're looking for your first win in competition or on the eve of your first hour on the water, Pierre-Yves will find the right words to help you reach your goals.
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